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World Cup coming and there follows the first tips in Rio de Janeiro

Dear friends who are coming to visit Brazil during the World Cup follows a few must haves for you party safely and responsibly the Brazil. I'm going to divide into three parts: Rio de Janeiro (capital), Rio de Janeiro (Costa Verde) and Northeast (Recife and Bahia), which are the peaks that indicate.

For those who will stay in Rio de Janeiro follows the tips:

During the day;

Beaches: Ipanema-beautiful people and public carioca
Copacabana: diverse and cosmopolitan People
Praia da Barra-Beach formed by new cariocas
Flamengo Park-Beautiful and wonderful
Waterfall Garden-very good and with a lot of people
Visit the Central Praça XV/Lapa/Cinelândia-ancient places of the city
Port area-is in the works, but you can meet
St. Christopher-Northeastern traditions fair-very good
Madureira-busy market
Visit Slums-very good ... However only with local residents.

Public transport: Subway/Train and bus

Subway-crowded, more secure. You can get the area south to the Pavuna which leaves next door Baixada Fluminense
Train-it's worth catch ... diverse public and popular
bus-is the most affected.always bad? Worth picking up.
CAB-love to reduce the span of acting and charge expensive

Cautions: Like anywhere in the world, any tourist must walk in groups and with caution. Must respect the locals and also nothing to do nasty actions

1..Robberies? walk in groups and with local people or known is a positive measure;
2. public transportation? Are always tense. There's the heart of the Brazilian worker ... in his moment of Stress
3. Services? are bad and expensive
4. Health-Hospitals? Is a developing country, so you will find difficulties;
5. walking down the streets? care when crossing a road sign, holes of works or even having the sidewalk closed with tables of bars ... It is a terror ...
6. People-the city is divided in the South zone you live in a climate of Brazil that worked for some and North Zone/Suburb/Baicada is the Brazil that still has a lot to do.

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